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Some of the most enchanting aspects of Damascus are seen in the old Damascene houses. Among their many special features is having a yard with a fountain in the center of the house. The yard is decorated with plants and trees; always Jasmine, and several citrus trees such as lemons and Naringe (bitter orange).  The beautiful scent of Jasmine and lemon linger in the air, as families sit down to enjoy their evening meal next to the fountain. Meals in Damascus are prepared and presented with care, each detail in the dish is a demonstration of how much we love the people we prepare meals for.

Syrian cuisine is rich and varied in its ingredients. For Syrians, all the dishes we prepare are a reflection of our love; for family, guests, neighbors and anyone who sits down at our table.

We invite you on a culinary journey through the gates of Damascus, to discover the history, culture, and stories behind some of the Mediterranean’s most popular dishes. From the hospitality of our city in the traditional Damascene dishes, to the sweet and savory flavors and the wonderful world of spices, you will be transported to the fragrant bazaars of Damascus and the tranquil gardens of the Damascene home. Here you can experience true Syrian cuisine, traditionally prepared, with love and care in every detail.


7 Gates Restaurant, this is Damascus, and this is how we express our love.

7 Gates Restaurant

Welcome to 7 Gates Restaurant... authentic Syrian cuisine

7 Gates Restaurant

The Syrian kitchen is authentic Middle Eastern food at its finest

7 Gates Restaurant

Welcome to our table, traditional Syrian food in Chicago. At 7 Gates we proudly serve the best ingredients, and the most authentic dishes

7 Gates Restaurant

Each one of our dishes is traditionally prepared with love and care in every detail

7 Gates Restaurant

This is Damascus, and this is how we express our love

Traditional Syrian Food

Authentic Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine at 7 Gates Restaurant

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